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Emily Ratajkowski’s Husband Thinks Apologizing After N Word Will Help

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After saying the N-word, Emily Ratajkowski’s husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard, has quickly apologized for the racial slur. The producer of Uncut Gems, however, took some time to do it, after getting called out, that is. He took to Twitter to tweet that he was wrong to casually use the despicable word. One must note that he got called out amidst the nationwide protests in support of the Black Lives Matter. After receiving backlash, Ratajkowski’s husband has realized that the word was never his to use and it never will be either.

Emily Ratajkowski’s Husband Apologizes After Getting The Heat

Would this have happened if there was no, or little, backlash?

Emily Ratajkowski’s husband realized how wrong he was and the high status of privilege he was using when he used the N-word. However, now he admits he is ashamed, and only by owning the mistakes that we do will change the world. Nice save, there?

Check out his full message below:

“I used a word casually like it was mine to use. It’s not, it never was and it never will be. In the past few years, I’ve learned a lot about my privilege as a man and as a white person and about the history of racism in this country. Owning our own missteps is a crucial part of changing the way the world operates. I’m embarrassed and ashamed and I sincerely apologize to everyone who I may have hurt.”

Emily Ratajkowski has been a strong supporter of the Black Lives Matter protests, can the same be said about her husband? Ratajkowski was also there in Los Angeles protests and took to Instagram to express her outrage as well. There in the comments, Danielle Prescod from BET raised his concern about Em Rata’s husband using the N-word.

“You could start by talking to your husband, a white man, who has used the n-word repeatedly in my presence. So much so that another black friend was so disgusted she left.”

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