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This Captain America Theory Is Going To Make You Emotional

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe has become a beast with 23 movies and more coming soon. With so many movies, there is sure to become different theories from fans who are just waiting for movies to come out. Even the smallest bit of detail is enough to send them to the drawing tables to form new kinds of ‘maybe’s. We already have theories about time-travel and multiverse, which have become a part of the canon in the MCU. Now, there is a Captain America theory that is picking up heat as well.

What Is The Captain America Theory?

Once again, a fan on Reddit has come up with a heart-touching Captain America fan theory which also includes time travel. Now, this might be implausible, but there we think there might be some truth to this as well.

The theory recalls the ending scenes of Avengers: Endgame when Captain America goes back to the past alone and decides to stay. Then, an old Steve Rogers appears sitting on a bench, waiting to hand his shield to Sam Wilson.

Well, Captain America theory goes like this:

“If you account for the fact that Captain America has superpowers, he probably looks much younger than most people do for his age, so it’s not too far of a stretch to say that he could look 10 years younger. Whenever he did so, he put on a disguise of sunglasses and a moustache, so as to not cause any time paradoxes or complications. This explains why the same character keeps on popping up in close proximity to the Avengers, as it is just Captain America seeing how his friends are doing.”

The Captain America theory is talking about all the Stan Lee cameos that we have got in the entirety of MCU movies. We have numerous scenes where Lee comes in, most of which are in close proximity to the main heroes.

Stan Lee is Captain America from FanTheories

However, there was also a time when Lee was a guard and he looked shocked after seeing the theft. Just for the sake of proving this Captain America theory correct, we say that the guard, aka Steve Rogers, was only playing into the scene. In reality, he knew that this would happen.

What do you think about this?

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