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Hasan Minhaj Calls On Asians & Americans To Stand Up For George Floyd

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Patriot Act’s Hasan Minhaj did not like how his Asian community is watching everything from the sidelines after the George Floyd murder. In a digital exclusive the host addressed the real issue with the black community and how a strong solution can come forward. At the same time, he urged communities of all races in America to come forward and do the right thing: vote sensibly. His 12-minute long video message highlight some great, yet hidden, racism among different communities as well.

Hasan Minhaj Tells “We Were On The F*****g Sidelines”

The Patriot Act’s host starts his message thanking some of the most unexpected people to come forward and support the Black Lives Movement protests. Something that started after the murder of George Floyd has been carrying out across the United States. Although the protests have led to several other issues, Hasan Minhaj emphasizes the meaning of the real protest and why it is happening in the first place. He highlighted some of the previous victims of police brutality, killed because of some extremely small issue, mainly because the color of their skin was darker than the rest of us.

Later, he shifted his gaze towards the South Asians, Middle East, Chinese, and all other communities inside the United States. The people who left their country, thanks to Martin Luther King’s Immigration Act of 1965, start a new life. When America offered them a clean slate and a new beginning. Take a look at his video below.

So, when Hasan Minhaj heard how the Asians and the Arabs in America are complaining about what is happening in the country, he told them:

“America’s story didn’t start when we got here. When you became an American citizen you don’t just get to own the country’s excellence. You have to own its failures. That is the deal.”

In the end, he called on for everyone to do things for the black community that matters. He asked them to donate money, time, and energy to the organizations working on rights for the black community. Minhaj also called on to vote sensible and the right candidates in the public offices.

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