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There Was Another Longer Long Night In Game of Thrones

And as usual, it was only in the books and it was 20 years long!

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Let’s face it, we all watched The Long Night episode from Game of Thrones on the edge of our seats. Although, many of us don’t remember it very fondly. But, what if I told you that the Game of Thrones Universe had another Long Night? And that it wasn’t just one night, but instead lasted for almost lasted a generation? And that men were able to defeat them without any of Khaleesi’s dragons?

The really Long Night

Okay, you won’t find it in any of the episodes of Game of Thrones. In fact, it happened more than 8000 years before the events of the show began. It happened in the middle of a very long winter that lasted for years. The Long Night that really dreads the people of Westeros lasted for a generation, or almost 20 years. Because of winter, food was always scarce during this time. It is said that the elderly often left their families, saying they’re going out hunting for food, only to never return. They did so on purpose so that the others won’t starve to death.

There Was Another Longer Long Night In Game of Thrones

It was during The Long Night that the people of Westeros first encountered The Others, or as the show called them White Walkers. They came from further north, in the Land of Always Winter. and back then, there was no Wall that could stop them. It was then that the First Men, Children of the Forest fought together bravely against the White Walkers. They did so after they discovered that dragonglass was the only weapon that could kill them. And it was the first members of the Night’s Watch who defeated the White Walkers by teaming up with the Children of the Forest in the Battle for the Dawn.

However, The Long Night didn’t just happen in Westeros. The shadowlands of the Asshai also experienced it. In fact, the famous legend of Azor Ahai was born there, as the followers of the Lord of Light R’hllor are based there. He did so by wielding his magical sword, Lightbringer. It was prophesized that he would return again to defeat the Others. And it was also a similar prophecy about The Prince that was Promised.

What happened afterward?

There Was Another Longer Long Night In Game of Thrones

After the Long Night, Westeros changed forever. The Lords of Westeros took steps to ensure that they won’t ever be unprepared while facing an invasion from The North. The mythical figure Bran The Builder built The Wall from solid ice, 700 feet high, and 300 miles long. Moreover, it is said that he put magic spells in the wall too, that kept the White Walkers from ever coming near it. And to defend the Wall, the Night’s Watch was established that would guard Westeros against threats north of the Wall.

And so, that is how The Long Night changed Westeros forever. What we got to see in the show was nothing compared to this part of Westeros’ history. Of course, the show didn’t focus on the prophecies. And focused more on what was happening with Jon Snow and Arya Stark. But that battle from Season 8 was nothing compared to The Long Night from the legends.

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