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How Ex-Mobsters Helped In Writing The Sopranos

And it involves Uncle Junior giving head!

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All of us love hearing stories from The Sopranos. It’s amazing how much work and attention to detail went into that show. However, to make the show more true to life, the show even used the help of ex-mobsters!

The Sopranos writers used the help of Ex-Mobsters!

How Ex-Mobsters Helped In Writing The Sopranos

In Episode 9 of the Talking Sopranos podcast, which was about the show’s episode 9 named ‘Boca‘, Michael Imperioli revealed some interesting facts. This was the episode in which Meadow’s soccer coach has an affair with her underage class fellow.

But, the detail we’re interested in is Uncle Junior, Corado Soprano, and his habits in bed. It was revealed in this episode that Uncle Junior liked giving ‘head’ to women. And that becomes a big issue between him and Tony, as Tony uses that to belittle him.

However, it turns out that this little detail was added by the help of ex-mobsters employed by David Chase!

Michael Imperioli found this out from a member of The Sopranos writing team, Robin Green. In the podcast, he said:

David apparently brought in an ex-mob guy who left the mob and went through, and you know, lecture for Quantico, the FBI. I guess he came through an ex-FBI guy that we had as an advisor. And the guy came in and said that the mob’s stance on Cunnilingus, or oral s*x on a woman, was very negative. And they thought that was both very bizarre and very hilarious, so they worked it into the script.

But, it wasn’t all so easy. Robin Green further told Imperioli that some of the stories by the ex-mobster were really horrible. He wanted some other details to be added to The Sopranos too. Imperioli recalls:

She said this guy, this ex-mob guy, as the day wore on, things got weirder and weirder with his stories. Something about rappel her with a broomstick, had her break a guy’s arm on the street curb, then he wanted Robin to feel his bullet wounds on his upper back.

But, these aren’t the only crazy stories from The Sopranos.

Other crazy stories from the show

Ex-mobsters helped in writing The Sopranos isn’t the only crazy story from the show. As we all know, Tony Sirico, who played Paulie Walnuts, was a mobster himself. And not just that, he once gave Jimmi Hendrix a wedgie too! Moreover, Tony Soprano’s mom was a real-life person too, and was exactly like David Chase’s mother. Or that Michael Imperioli rammed a car on set while shooting the pilot of The Sopranos.

However, we have to admit that Uncle Junior giving head to women being inspired by the help of an actual ex-mobster does rank among the most interesting things about The Sopranos, without a doubt!

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