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Female Superhero Movie With a Perfect Cast: Birds of Prey

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Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment are soon going to hit theaters with a female superhero movie- Birds of Prey. And now that they are assembling the cast, some very interesting and perfect choices have been made. Especially, the rumors related to the casting of the superhero villain are simply thrilling. But what’s most important here is that Birds of Prey is a movie of its kind. This latest edition to the DC canon is centered on females and that’s probably what all the hype is about. If possible, the casting choices and rumors are just adding attention to it.

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What Is ‘Birds of Prey’?

Birds of Prey is an R-rated girls gang film that is set to hit the big screens in 2020. Apparently, it revolves around Harley Quinn. But not everything is about her because Harley’s character is so interactive and social that it can not be a standalone film.

After splitting up with The Joker, Harley Quinn gathers her female superheroes for her girl gang. Together with Black Canary, Huntress and Renee Montoya, she saves the life of a little girl who was under threat from an evil crime lord. Right now, a lot about the film is not known. But one things for sure- Warner Bros is super thrilled to bring forward this unique female superhero movie. The writer Christina Hodson said that her inspiration behind centering it on a girl gang was the lack of these groups that she has previously seen on screens. Especially, in the field of action movies.

The Casting for ‘Birds of Prey’

Thankfully, Margot Robbie will be playing Harley Quinn in Birds of Prey. Previously, she unveiled this role perfectly in 2016’s hit Suicide Squad. Joining Harley Quinn as Black Canary and Huntress will be actresses Smollett-Bell and Elizabeth Winstead respectively. Birds of Prey iteration of Huntress is a former mafia princess who lost her family in a mob hit when she was young. The devastated girl turned into a vigilante which eventually influenced her decision to join the Birds of Prey team. On the other hand, Canary or the Dinah Lance is the idealistic, good-natured street-fighter that you would read about in comic books.

In the film, Harley Quinn and her girls would be fighting the Gotham crime lord. And that identity is still to be fully revealed. However, some rumors say that for this superhero film villain, Warner Bros is considering Ewan McGregor or Sharlto Copley. Apart from the evil crime lord, the actresses for the roles of Renee Montoya and Cassandra Cain are still not decided. But the casting of Smollett-Bell and Elizabeth Winstead has created much of a hype considering their actin careers.

We are still waiting for more updates on everything related to Birds of Prey. 

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