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Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins Talk About Raising Their Black Daughter Amid George Floyd Protests

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Amid George Floyd protests, the Country star, Thomas Rhett, and his wife, Lauren Akins open up about raising their black daughter. The couple has two biological daughters as well as Willa, who they adopted from Uganda.


After trying for years to have a baby, the high school sweethearts decided to adopt.

In 1995, they met in kindergarten for the first time. After that, the couple started dating in high school. However, it did not last long and they went separate ways. But it seems that Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins were destined to be together. After meeting at Lauren’s sister’s graduation, Rhett realized that he still has feelings for her. Therefore, they got back together and got married. The next step for them was to have a baby. However, they tried for years but failed. Eventually, Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins decided to visit Uganda with adoption in mind. There, they met and bonded with a little girl named Willa. Over the next year, the couple visited Uganda a dozen times to meet Willa. After a year, they were successful in adopting the then 18-month-old.

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During the adoption process, they found out that Lauren was pregnant. Thus they welcomed both their daughters and expanded the family. In February this year, the couple welcomed another daughter and are a family of five.


Recently, Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins talked about raising their black daughter in a recent situation.

Since George Floyd was killed by the cops, Americans have been protesting and rioting for justice. In these circumstances, it is a bit complicated to explain to the children what’s going in. Therefore, Thomas Rhett talked about raising their black daughter and said:

“As the father of a black daughter and also two white daughters- I have struggled with what to say today. We have navigated forms of racism directly and while there is mostly overwhelming support and love for our family, sometimes there is just the opposite. Because of that fear, it can be a lot easier to choose silence, but today I’m choosing to speak.”

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Growing up too fast

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Thomas Rhett spoke about his own experience and said:

“I have no clue what it feels like to be profiled by authorities, treated negatively or have my life threatened because of the color of my skin. When I witnessed the horrific murder of George and think about the mistreatment of other black men and women in America, I am heartbroken and angry.”


Furthermore, he said:

“I get scared when I think about my daughters and what kind of world they will be growing up in and how my JOB as a father is to show them how to lead with love in the face of hate. To know their worth and value as not only women but human beings.”

In the end, Thomas Rhett said:

“What can we do? I ask myself this question everyday. We each have to be part of the solution and we have to continue to educate ourselves, continue to support both financially and with service those organizations doing good work in our communities to overcome injustice and hatred in our country. And if you’re like me, continue to pray.”


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