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Ted Alexandro: Finally a Male Comedian Not Taking Louis CK’s Side

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Recently, a comedian at the Comedy Cellar posted a video of his standup set earlier this month. Surprisingly, he aimed a few hits at fellow disgraced comedian Louis CK. And also, at the fact that Louis CK returned to business in less than a year after he admitted to the sexual assault allegations launched against him. Although nobody expected a male comedian to take a shot against CK for assault claims, Ted Alexandro won everybody over. And not just targeted Louis CK, but other celebrities who too were accused of sexual harassment. Including Bill Cosby. And it seems like this might be a great victory for the #MeToo movement.

Ted Alexandro Aims At Louis CK

During his standup session, Tex Alexandro decided to take on Louis CK. Especially for his surprise performance at the NYC Club last week. He questioned that what does a guy convicted of sexual assault have to do in order to get an extended ovation? That was a direct reference to how Louis CK got a standing ovation for his first public appearance after the assault allegations were registered. Then, Ted went further to ask what he had to do? And whether he had to take out his dick for that treatment. The video Alexandro shared on social media is about 7 minutes in duration. And the entire time is dedicated to slamming C.K.’s comeback set.

Moreover, Ted Alexandro joked that why could we not just allow Louis CK to return back to writing jokes on how men are the greatest safety threat to women. But Ted continued that CK did not only write them. And also, walked them since he is a performance artist. Then for a while, Ted shifted his focus to take on how it was years before Bill Cosby was punished for assaulting women. He remarked that decades went by and there were constant reports of Bill Cosby raping dozens of women. Then, comedian Hannibal Buress joked about it, and that went viral. Only, after that justice was served. And he mocked that this was how the system worked.

Towards the end, Ted came back to rip Louis CK. And how the current culture reacted to his misconduct. It was a much intended shot at how CK suffered nothing, and barely lost anything. And that too in so many decades of constant reports. He joked that,

He’s lost everything. It’s not fair that men should lose everything in a flash — and by everything, I mean hardly anything, and in a flash I mean a decade later.

Ted’s standup session was wrapped up with this. And what’s even funnier than his jokes is the reality behind them. But a male comedian standing up for victims is just the first of the many steps that movements like #MeToo will eventually conquer.

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