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Ashton Kutcher Slams All Lives Matter Phrase As ‘It Misses The Point’

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Hollywood star Ashton Kutcher had something to say as people start backing up the All Lives Matter rhetoric on social media. On Tuesday, the That 70’s Show former star made his way to Instagram to talk about the message in a tearful message. To raise awareness for Black Lives Matter protest, the actor explained how the other message is completely missing the point of the movement. Kutcher thinks that instead of canceling people who think that “all lives matter”, we should educate them. After this, the actor broke down.

Ashton Kutcher Explains Why Black Lives Matter

On Saturday, Ashton Kutcher posted a black square on his profile to show support for the Black Lives Matter protest. The trend has been going on for quite some time on social media now after the death of George Floyd. The black man was killed by a white policeman in Minnesota. Kutcher met a response from his audience telling that ‘all lives matter’, and not just black. He thinks that we should be explaining to people what the slogan is actually about.

Hence, he started explaining it by relating it with an incident occurring at his house with his children. He tells how he and wife Mila Kunis read books to the children. They usually start with reading Wyatt Isabelle her book first, and then Dimitri Portwood’s. So one day, Dimitri tells his parents that boys go first. To which Ashton Kutcher responds:

“No. Girls get to go first… And do you know why girls go first? For you and me girls go first. Because with some boys girls do not get to go at all. And so for you and me, girls go first.”

Ashton Kutcher then related it with the current situation:

“For some people, black lives don’t matter at all. So for us, black lives matter.”

The actor was looked to be in tears but he tried his best to contain himself. Check out his post below:

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1 Comment
  1. cappy ern says

    no sir, mr moore – it is the exactly RIGHT point
    when you start segregating groups, your playing into dumpy’s hands
    black lives matter, latino lives matter, asian-american lives matter…..EVERY LIFE MATTERS
    when we can get to that point in time, maybe this nonsense will end

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