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Jason Derulo Makes TikTok Video In Support Of Black Lives Matter

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Singer Jason Derulo did not hold back when he spoke up for Black Lives Matter in his TikTok video. He used scenes of the past with police brutality and civil rights struggles. The post comes amid national unrest which follows after the tragic murder of black man, George Floyd. Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, along with his accomplices, murdered the man by kneeling on his neck. The video evidence shows that the man kept telling Chauvin that he could not breathe. Now, to raise awareness of the racism inside the country #ICantBreathe is trending on placards and social media.

Jason Derulo Makes A Motivational TikTok On “Black Lives Matter”

“If we can be taught to hate we can be taught to love. Every voice counts.”

Jason Derulo’s TikTok video begins by police releasing dogs and water hoses onto hordes of people marching for civil rights. We can also hear a Martin Luther King Jr excerpt which is from his Augst 28, 1963’s famous speech I Have A Dream. The motivational speech from King was about not quitting until justice was not provided to every black man in the country, and till it “rolled down like water… knowing that we will be free one day.”

Take a look at his video below:


If we can be taught to hate we can be taught to love Every voice counts. #blacklivesmatter

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The clip also shows several names of people, all people of color, who have been a victim fo violence at the hands of law enforcement. One scene includes a deadly police encounter of Floyd and Eric Garner, who died in 2014 by the hands of a New York City policeman who accused him of selling illegal cigarettes. He also pleaded “I can’t breathe” as the police offer officer continued to strangle him.

After the murder of George Floyd, thousands of people have been taking in police custody as heavy riots struck all parts of the U.S.

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