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Alyssa Milano Says Trump Brutalized Protesters For A Photo

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Recently, Donald Trump and his administration are cracking down on the Black Lives Matter protesters. They’re being flogged with tear gas and rubber bullets, and even the military is called inside the country. But, this has baffled Alyssa Milano, as she said that Trump did all this for a photo at a church.

Donald Trump’s recent photo session at a church

Alyssa Milano Says Trump Brutalized Protesters For A Photo

Recently, Donald Trump hid in his White House Bunker to protect himself from the Black Lives Matter protesters. But, instead of addressing their concerns, he called on the military and police to disperse the protesters. Moreover, he even used tear gas and rubber bullets to get rid of them. However, it seems like he didn’t do it to restore Law and Order, but to pose with a Bible at a St. John’s church. It was so ridiculous that even clergy members like Episcopal Bishop Mariann Edgar Budde and the Catholic Archbishop Wilton Gregory said Trump used the church as photo ops. Moreover, Alyssa Milano thought the same as well. In fact, she was startled!

Alyssa Milano can’t believe Trump

Milano was bewildered by the thought that Donald Trump threw tear gas at Black Lives Matter protesters just for a few photos. She tweeted:

So basically…he pepper sprayed American people so he could take a photo at a church?? Is that what is happening?

Moreover, Alyssa Milano also tweeted that Trump was upset over being called a coward, while the United States has the most COVID-19 related deaths:

Wait…it gets worse. He was so upset that people called him a coward for retreating to his bunker that he had to teargas & rubber bullet some peaceful protestors so he could mosey over to a church for a photo-op while our country is leading the world in deaths during a pandemic.

It’s really an unbelievable time President Donald Trump goes to such extremes just for photo ops. Alyssa Milano is quite staunch in her criticism of the GOP and Trump, but this is beyond that. Police brutality should always be out of the question. But, doing it for a photo op at a church is just mind-blowing.

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