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Lil Nas X And Kehlani Criticize ‘Blackout Tuesday’ Campaign

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Lil Nas X and Kehlani are among those who say the ‘Blackout Tuesday’ campaign is not helpful at all. It is a campaign in which millions of people on social media are posting black tiles under the Black Lives Matter Hashtag. However, critics are saying that this campaign is not helping and, in fact, blocking the Black Lives Matter movement.

What is BlackOut Tuesday?

It all began in the music industry, where some very big names decided to cease their operations and to”connect with the community”. However, it caught on to other social media users, who decided to share black tiles on their feed yesterday. This began as a campaign to raise awareness about the Black Lives Matter movement. But, Lil Nas X and Kehlani think otherwise.

As we all know, the movement is at the forefront of news ever since George Floyd was killed by Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin. It was a way to show solidarity with the black community against police brutality. But, some people consider that the Blackout Tuesday campaign actually damages the Black Lives Matter Movement. And Lil Nas X and Kehlani are also among those critics.

Why are Lil Nas X and Kehlani criticizing the campaign?

Despite strong support from the likes of Rihanna, Kylie Jenner, Drake, and others, Blackout Tuesday is met with criticism. This happened after people realized that the campaign was blocking people’s access to information:

Many users realized that even though Blackout Tuesday didn’t mean any harm, it still did harm to Black Lives Matter:

Moreover, Lil Nas X also had an issue with it. He said this trend is “not helping” at all and “people need to see what is going on”:

A fan did challenge him, but he provided the argument against Blackout Tuesday, saying that “information needs to be spread”, and “not silenced for a day”.

Lil Nas X further tweeted, “We don’t need to slow it down by posting nothing. We need to spread info and be as loud as ever”:

Furthermore, Kehlani also joined in, saying that ‘Blackout Tuesday’ wouldn’t mean a lot. Instead, no releases should come out throughout the week or month. This is because Tuesdays aren’t even a “big deal” in the music industry, as most of the major releases happen on Friday:

However, Kehlani did support the original idea of “The Show must be Paused”. She believes that just stopping any production, recordings or releases should be complemented by spreading information on Black Lives Matter:

This is why Lil Nas X and Kehlani have spoken out against ‘Blackout Tuesday’. They believe that it is not helpful for the cause of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement. That is why people were being insisted to use the hashtag Blackout Tuesday, and not Black Lives Matter, as it clogged the feed with black tiles that gave no information. We hope that you took part in this campaign responsibly too.

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