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Seth Rogen Slams back At Commenters In Anti-Racist Post

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The actor-director Seth Rogen has taken a very blunt move to show his support for Black Lives Matter. In a post he made on Instagram, he openly called for people to unfollow him if they do not believe in the movement, or have an opinion of “all lives matter” instead. A lot of celebrities are coming forward to show support to the anti-racist movement that sparked after the murder of George Floyd. The person of color was killed by a white policeman who suffocated him by placing a knee on his neck.

Seth Rogen Tells People To F-U!

While a lot of people came out to support the producer Seth Rogen, there were many who called him out for, what they think, was unfair. To them, the star responded with blunt “F*** you” replies. This is something that celebrities very rarely do to their audience. Take a look at his post below:

Following his post, people started telling him that they are unfollowing him, as he told them to do so for having a differing opinion. To one of the commenters, Rogen wrote to him, “good. Get f***ed.”

One user wrote, “all life’s matter you dumb f***”. So, Seth Rogen wrote to him, “f*** you. Stop watching my movies.” 

Billie Eilish and Taylor Swift are other celebrities who have been active on social media to raise awareness over the protests against racism. Former officer Derek Chauvin murdered Floyd after kneeling on his neck, as per the video evidence circulating on the internet. The policeman knelt on the man for nine minutes and the video also showed Floyd saying that he can’t breathe. Hence, social media and the protests around the United States all carry the trend #ICan’tBreathe.

Perhaps Seth Rogen was waiting for this post since he was already thoughts to say something? Check this out:

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