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Anonymous Fan Account Tells How Donald Trump Is Crushing Protests

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As the United States protests carry on, there have been several casualty reports of injuries and even deaths. However, these are coming from both sides of the line, from protestors and from the law enforcers. There is a huge spread of misinformation and dirty tactics are being used to malign the Black Lives Matter which ignited after the murder of George Floyd by a white policeman. As police continue to use brutal force, the infamous hacktivist group, Anonymous also resurfaced to threaten the government and side with the protestors. After this, their fan account on Twitter has suddenly become very active. This account is now talking about possible ways how Donald Trump is crushing the protests by using misinformation and media.

‘Anonymous Account’ Tells Donald Trump Is Crushing Protests By Creating Division

The Anonymous fan profile starts by explaining three points that they think is happening:

  • With misinformation, claim that there are external forces (Russians or Chinese) are at play here.
  • Racial Division, to create an “us vs. them” rhetoric.
  • An opportunistic approach towards elections by using the “So vote for X” narrative.

They think that Donald Trump is using all these to crush protests. According to this theory, the first point “is designed to create a feeling of community exceptionalism by building an endogroup where the narrative is “we are better than this – OUR group wouldn’t act like this”; this is to delegitimize the rebellion against the State.”

The second point is highlighting how Trump is creating a racial disharmony. The protestors include white and black people and all the races. The same goes for law enforcers who include all sexes and the races. To say that white people are doing this, while black people are looting shops is creating disharmony.

Check out the complete posts by Anonymous account:

Seductive And Hard Coercions?

According to the Twitter account, Donald Trump’s forces are using two sorts of coercion to crush the protests: hard and seductive.

Would you believe that Donald Trump is using these tactics? Or do you have another theory in mind?

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