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What Can You Do To Support Black Lives Matter Properly?

Here are 10 things you can do to help the movement properly.

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With racial tensions peaking again in the United States, Black Lives Matter is in the headlines again. George Floyd’s killing at the hands of police officer Derek Chauvin has sparked nationwide protests. However, there’s one common question that many people ask; What can I do to help the Black Lives Matter Movement? Well, we have that cut out for you. Here’s what you can do!

Here’s how you can help Black Lives Matter!

There are a number of things you can do to help the BLM movement. However, it all begins with a very basic thing; protest!

  1. The first and most obvious thing you can do is protest! However, it’s not like you have to join a violent clash to record a protest. Your social activism can take many forms, for instance raising awareness on social media. But, the best thing you can do is to join your community protest for BLM.
  2. Get in touch with your local Black Lives Matter chapter. Here’s the link.
  3. Donate to the Black Lives Matter movement! Here’s their main donation page.
  4. You can donate to the bail fund! With a lot of protestors around the country being detained and arrested, you can donate to help them get bail. This is because a lot of the Black Lives Matter protestors cannot afford bail. So, here’s a Twitter thread for all the official bail funds in different cities.
  5. You can support Campaign Zero. It is a police reform group that provides policy solutions to stop police brutality. They utilize data and the principle of human rights, and you can find more information here.
  6. You can also support the National Police Accountability Project. It’s a National Lawyers Guild that helps provide legal counsel and hold law enforcement agencies accountable. Click here for more information.

Now, these are some of the more concrete steps that you can take to support the BLM movement. It involves organizations that support and donate to Black Lives Matter. However, there are more ways with which you can support the movement, and that is by just raising your voice and perform your civic duties.

Civic duties that you can perform

  1. Listen without being defensive: It is important for us to broaden our world view and see why some things negatively affect people. For that, we have to listen without taking anything personally. People have a lot of grievances, therefore it is important for them to be heard and acknowledged.
  2. User your privilege: This is another important thing, as many people of other marginalized communities other than black people, such as LGBTQ+ are also out protesting for Black Lives Matter. If you see them becoming a victim of police brutality, use your privilege to help them and stop the police. If this had happened in the case of George Floyd, he might have been alive today.
  3. Push to remove bad cops: It is important to know that Black Lives Matter isn’t an anti-police movement, but a movement against bad cops. Once you spot a police officer like that, make sure that you as a community push harder for him to be removed. An important part of this is filming such incidents, as that is the only reason George Floyd’s killing came into the public’s eyes. Here are some important guidelines on how to do it safely.
  4. Make it a voting issue: The best way to bring substantial change is to make it a voting issue in your community. It’s important that you raise this issue with serious people in positions who rely on your vote. If they take it seriously, you know who to vote for. And if not, then you know who to vote out of office!

These are some of the civic duties you can perform to make sure that you support the Black Lives Matter Movement properly. This year and this moment will be recalled in history as a turning point, for better or for worse. If everyone in a position of privilege adheres to these duties, then incidents like George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery can be prevented once and for all.

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