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Stephanie Pratt Slammed After Tweeting Shoot The Looters During Protest

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As the American soil is laden with unrest and protests, it seems like Stephanie Pratt chose a very wrong time to voice her opinion over George Floyd’s death. The riots across the country have resulted in police brutality and anger from the public. As the protestors do heavy damage to buildings and government-owned vehicles, Pratt decided to side against the protests which have resulted in looting, property thefts and arson. “Shoot the looters”, she wrote in her Tweet after which the public slammed her. The national unrest has currently resulted in over 1000 arrests and reappearance of one of the largest hacktivist group, Anonymous.

Stephanie Pratt Receives Backlash!

The Hills star, Stephanie Pratt has come under fire for inciting violence as well as being more caring about white-owned businesses rather than the reason for the protest. She took to Twitter to express her opinion about the current situation of the country:

“Shoot the looters – using this tragedy as their excuse to rob and burn all of our towns down.”

One from the crowd of angry people came out to comment on the following:

People have been calling out for Stephanie Pratt’s hypocrisy as she sides with the government over George Floyd protests. People reminded that she was charged for stealing over $1300 worth of goods back in 2006. The second-degree theft led to a bail of $5000 as well as three years in probation.


During the protests, a lot of markets and shopping places have been looted by the protestors. Business owners, big or small, no one is safe where the protests are happening and some are even people of color. As riots continue and police clash with the angry mobs, a lot of people are seeing the fact that innocent business owners are incurring heavy losses and property damages.

However, the call for shooting the looters is seen to be similar to what Donald Trump said in his tweet: “When the looting starts, the shooting starts.”

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