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Murphy Brown Is On Her Way Back After 30 Years

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When you are dead for thirty years you are basically dead. Roseanne dared to deny the principle and hit TV screens again last year with a wildly popular reboot. Before, of course, ultimately being canceled over Roseanne Barr’s racist tweet. However, after Roseanne topped the charts, other shows attempted to follow suit. This then, fortunately, became the case of a legendary, Emmy- winning sitcom Murphy Brown. A new version of the greatly acclaimed CBS sitcom is all set to premiere today 27th August 2018, and here is why it was so exciting

Trump Under Fire Again

After the Elections of 2016, which had unarguably devastating outcomes it became a gala time for political satires and talk shows.  Whatever comedies with even the slightest essence of political know-how in it exploited the surprising, or should I say saddening results of the elections. It is not like they did not have the right do so, in fact, they very much did. However, things were overdone to such levels that comedy started sounding more like rants, where people merely lamented having a bad political climate.

In that era, there was a dire need of a fake newsroom sitcom, something that would not just take constant digs at the government, but would have it as a parallel arc that can be occasionally cashed on to underpin valid points. We are two years late, but I guess the wait was worth it as Murphy Brown getting back to host ‘Murphy in the Morning’.

The crew was careful enough to put their political agenda ahead of the launch of the show, as they expressed in an interview:

“Yes,” said showrunner and writer Diane English. “We haven’t really articulated that we consider ourselves ‘The Resistance,’ but I think that’s the subtext, certainly,” said Bergen. “So, if Hillary had won, you guys probably wouldn’t be here?” “I don’t think so,” Bergen said. English agreed: “We didn’t feel like we should go back and revisit it unless there was a real reason to do it.” “And this was the reason?” “Well, it got us pretty close, you know, but when you look at what’s going on the front page of the newspaper every day, that’s what put us over the top.”

Murphy to Rival Her Son

Sons fighting dads, daughters clashing with moms, daughters locking horns with dads – this all has been done and it’s just run off the mill. Murphy Brown is the sitcom that simply doesn’t take the quintessential road. Murphy’s son, whom we saw when he was being born, is also a television journalist who is working for an opposing network called the Wolf Network. Yes, the show already has you enthralled right?  To turn up the heat, Avery (Jake Dorman) has been trained under Corky and Frank. No reason to think that his skills aren’t polished enough. It would be very, very interesting to see how a fierce, protective mom locks horn with her own son for the sake of professional integrity.

Cobwebs Have Been Flown Away

Murphy Brown isn’t pulling a Silicon Valley when it returns. One ordered episode is titled ‘#MurphyToo’. (There are no needs of any more hints). Even though it is returning after a long hiatus, it is oddly pleasing to see a group of veteran newsmen copes up with the drastic changes that had occurred over the years. Relevance to hate crimes, feminism, sexual assault, racism is essential for any show as these are pressing social issues that ought to be addressed.

The show is trying to carry along everyone from its original innings. Sadly some souls have departed including Bobby Pastorelli and Pat Corley. These characters will not be replaced, thankfully. Instead, new characters will accommodate for their absence, filling in their shoes; but with drastically different traits.

There is always room for humor, and Murphy is just on her way to occupy the room.

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