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Dakota Johnson from Fifty Shades of Grey has Diva Demands

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Ana (Anastasia) Steele from E.L James’s novel, finds a face in diva Dakota Johnson when the actress stars in the movie. Fifty Shades of Grey is all about the erotic romance as the trilogy hit skyrocketing success when the movie released. To be candid, one of the things that makes the movie that much more interesting to watch is Dakota’s acting alongside Jamie Dornan’s dominant character Christian Grey. The movies portray a previously considered taboo lifestyle in a whole new light.

After the movies, the actress, daughter to stars Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith, has done a lot of work. Even during the lockdown, she is during promo interviews from her living room to talk about her latest project, The High Note. Diva Dakota Johnson feels two very different ways about these interviews:

“You know, it’s a weird thing because there’s a large part of me that’s like, what am I talking about? Why am I talking about this right now? But then there’s another part that’s like, I have found so much relief in watching movies and shows and just completely disappearing into books and movies and music, and if I can offer that to somebody else at this time, then I will do that, and I’m happy to be here and give that.

Those are some sweet sentiments from Dakota Johnson.

Dakota Johnson reveals her biggest Diva Demand

Dakota is well known for her diva attitude. According to her though, she does not believe she has an actual Diva complex.

Well, I think that it depends on how you perceive the word diva. But I don’t know, I don’t really have that kind of a complex.

Dakota Johnson then lists a few things she thinks might accompany a diva personality.

I mean, I like rooms to be freshly painted whenever I walk into them, and I only like to have pink fruit in the room, and I only want to work with people named Xander. But other than those things – oh, and no person can speak to me with their eyes open – but other than that, I don’t really have any diva-ish requests.

We think Sky News got pretty much a lot out of that question even though Dakota Johnson is not that ‘high maintenance’.

Well, Dakota still has a great wit, that’s for sure.

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