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Our Worst Fears Become Reality on This Is Us

This article contains spoilers.

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What stands as a reel contradiction to the real world is the leading NBC drama series This Is Us. America right now is mired into the murk, a quicksand of indignity, ethical misconduct, and social evils. This Is Us is exactly what departs away from the current malaise- it is a show about good people trying hard to do good stuff. A concept so phenomenal and bold, if present circumstances are taken into account, which sets the show atop the list of TV’s recent masterpieces. With 8 nominations from the recent Emmys, This Is US was able to create a massive hype before its seasonal premiere yesterday.

Jack’s death last season set Ventimiglia as the beloved dead man walking, there were haunting emotional instances, and even against all the sobbing and gloom things were oddly natural and comforting.

Season 2 finale introduced sneak peeks into what the next season would look like, baiting us into developing several theories and assumptions. So here is what we can expect from this impending emotional roller coaster ride.

First of all season 3 is not coming without a few casting changes. Lyric Ross’ Deja who would once recur in the show, is now a central part of the cast. Melaine Liburd who played Zoe is the last season finale will be introduced as a pivotal character. She is Beth’s cousin and Kevin’s new girlfriend. As reports suggest lots of twists and turns are tipped to accompany her entry. Last but not the least, Will & Grace and The Forbidden Kingdom fame Michael Angarano will also join the cast. He will play Nicky, Jack’s brother.

Late Jack will also get some basic background talk. Jack’s role in the Vietnam war has been largely obscured, his interactions with his brother, his life before Rebecca, are all the unclear coffee colored pages of a vintage book. Though This Is Us suggests that Jack lost his brother years ago, we can’t really count on the narrative. There are obviously mysteries, and Kevin will ultimately discover Nicky or at least some information about him.

Deja is going to be more than just about smashing cars, she is all slated to become an integral member of the Pearson household.  She has been put away by her mother, but now her sentimental vulnerabilities will come to the fore. She will hopefully begin her engagement with her family, which will start off hot but eventually tone down to suit the warmth of things.

As reluctant I am when I write this, season 3 will finally pull the curtains off the mysterious ‘her’. Future Randall teased, in a conversation with his daughter, a subject of meeting ‘her’. The gesture was received with unwillingness and fear from the daughter’s side. Now there are two possible interpretations of this: either Beth is dying or Deja has severed ties. We really pull over hopes for the latter to be the case. But This Is Us doesn’t really have a very good reputation for letting its main characters live.  Watson has hinted for the ‘her’ to be Beth but has assured that the character isn’t dying for now.

Toby and Kate are dealing with a family planning disaster, the future can be an infertile void. We see Kate advising  Toby to adjust his medicines, and this can probably come out as a result of infertility. If this is so to be the case, season 3 is up for a more traumatizing ride.

This Is Us will returned this Tuesday, September 25 at 9 p.m. ET. The premiere will pick up a few months from where the season two finale left off.

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