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Woody Allen Says No One Will Believe Him Over Sexual Abuse

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Filmmaker Woody Allen, who is facing sexual assault allegations from daughter Dylan Farrow, believes that whatever he says won’t be believable by many people. On Friday, Allen gave an interview to the Guardian speaking about the allegations he had dogged for years.

Woody Allen Talks About His Sexual Abuse

“I assume that for the rest of my life, a large number of people will always think of me as a predator. Anything I say sounds defensive and self-serving. So, it is best if I just go my way and work.”

Allen recently released Apropos of Nothing memoir after struggling to get it released as the original publisher Hachette dropped the deal due to public pressure. Hachette is also responsible for publishing Catch and Kill, a book by Allen Wood’s son Ronan Farrow in which is he talks about sexual assault stories of Harvey Weinstein.

Further in the interview, Allen revealed that he is been trying hard to convince the masses that he did not sexually abuse his Dylan Farrow, his daughter. Ronan, Dylan and Mia Farrow, the mother, have supported the sexual abuse claims made against Woody Allen and have publicly criticized those who protected him.

People Are Not Looking Into Facts?

Allen further adds:

“You can give them facts over and over, but the facts don’t matter. For some reason, it is important for them to buy into the story,”

Numerous actors have spoken against Woody Allen to which he says, “Actors have no idea of the facts and they latch on to some self-serving, public, safe position. Who in the world is not against child molestation? Denouncing me because a fashionable thing to do, like everyone, suddenly eating kale.”

Allen on sexual abuse further stated in the interview that his name will never be accepted or cleared in public, so he will shift his focus towards his work only. After the interview was released, Dylan Farrow told the Hollywood Reporter that he is baffled to see how Allen says he does not care about people believing him yet continue to complain about it while spreading his lies.

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