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Thomas Middleditch Wife Divorces Silicon Valley Star

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The 4-year-old marriage of Thomas Middleditch and his wife Mollie Gates goes down the drain despite choosing non-traditional means (such as swinging) to save the spark. In today’s heartbreaking news of a couple filing for divorce, Thomas Middleditch and Mollie Gate call it quits. On 28th May, Thomas Middleditch’s Mollie Gates filed for divorce from Silicon Valley actor, as per the reports disclosed by People. The reason documented by Mollie includes ‘irreconcilable differences’ while stating for spousal support.

Thomas Middleditch’s Wife Said I Am Out

Last year, Thomas revealed that becoming swingers had saved their marriage. In an interview with Playboy last year in September, Thomas shared that only after he got married to Mollie, he shared how things had to be non-traditional in their marriage.

“Only after I got married was I like, ‘Mollie, I am sorry, but we have to get non-traditional here.’”

He further shared that his wife was extremely understanding and instead of saying, “F**ck you, I am out,” she said, “Let’s try to figure this out”. He further revealed that they also argue a lot because of their different speeds. But to him, this was better than feeling alone and unheard. However, it always felt like divorce was never on the cards and the couple was trying a lot to make things work.

Thomas Middleditch and his wife Mollie Gates got engaged in June 2015 and were quick to marry in August 2015. Since then, the couple has made multiple public appearances together as well. Thomas is known best as Richard Hendricks for HBO series Silicon Valley. Middleditch also earned an Emmy nomination based on his performance as one of the lead characters of the show.

Let’s see if this couple chooses to end their marriage amicably or if things will get ugly.

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