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Hacktivist Group Anonymous Takes Down Minneapolis PD Site And More

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International pro hacking activists, or hacktivists, Anonymous have resurfaced as Minneapolis and Minnesota riot to find justice over George Floyd’s death. The hacker group is widely popular for carrying out cyberattacks against several governments of the world and agencies. They also released a video on Saturday night to warn the government. Like all protestors, they also demand full justice to George Floyd who died at the hands of a white policeman, Derek Chauvin. Moreover, just after resurfacing, the Anonymous allegedly took down the Minneapolis PD website in a show of strength.

Anonymous Resurfaces To Slam Government

In a video they released on social media, Anonymous called for Chauvin to have charges of murder and also vowed to expose police corruption around the whole country. Take a look at the video below:

“The world is starting to wake up to this and they are becoming increasingly angry every time they see blood needlessly spilled without consequence. These officers must face criminal charges and officer Chauvin especially should face murder charges. Unfortunately, we do not trust your corrupt organization to carry out justice so will be exposing your many crimes to the world. We are legion. Expect us.”

With that, Anonymous signed off and began to post sensitive claims on their Twitter account. There were also reports that Twitter was taking down its video and hiding it from the public.

After the message, the Minneapolis PD website shut down as an alleged result of what Anonymous said in the video.

“People have had enough of this corruption and violence from an organization that promises to keep them safe. After the events of the past few years, many people are beginning to learn that you are not here to save us but rather you are here to oppress us and carry out the will of the criminal ruling class.”

Mr. Robot Trends After Hacktivist Group

According to Variety, the Anonymous’ decision to join the Black Lives Matter protest has led to Mr. Robot series trending. The USA Network show is about a dystopian hacker drama starring Rami Malek. The show aired its series finals last fall and had direct references to Anonymous that came back this weekend.

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