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Here’s the weird and unlikely connection Liam Payne has with Adam Sandler

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So… The latest YouTuber in our midst is Liam Payne. One Direction member and father to Cher’s son Bear, the singer, 26, posts weekly. His videos are about everything and nothing. He makes most videos containing online content that he liked during the week, an update on his life, and a casual back and forth tweet response to fans. It sounds like the average YouTuber routine. His fans love it. His videos get millions of views during the week and it is amazing to see his following grow. Also, what fan doesn’t want to feel connected with their favorite stars? In last week’s episode of Liam Payne’s #StayAtHomeWithLiam, he talks about his encounter with actor Adam Sandler.

I did actually sing karaoke with Adam Sandler which is very, very strange.

– Liam at the start of his video.

Liam Payne got to sing karaoke with Adam Sandler – Wait, what?!

I was in a bar in America, I think, in Florida where we used to go on a holiday as a family. There was Karaoke going on and I was always really scared about singing Karaoke.

Liam Payne talks about his experience in singing Karaoke long before he met Adam Sandler. He talks about how even though he was shy of singing Karaoke, he did it cause it made his parents happy. He even got a pass to sing during the night as a kid! He then addresses fans talking about his music stuff. He shares he would love to collaborate with Calvin Harris. He then reads off this query.

There’s a rumor out there that you once sang ‘How deep is your love’ with Adam Sandler.

To this Liam Payne responds,

I did actually sing karaoke with Adam Sandler which is very, very strange. It was on the set of his new film that had just come out. It was about all the diamonds. They were just screen testing people and my friend was in there. He said come in and say hi. And so I did.

Liam Payne goes to explain how he walked into Adam Sandler shooting a karaoke scene.

I guess they didn’t really use that thing in the film anymore cause I didn’t see it. Yea, we sang ‘How deep is your love’ on karaoke together which is a weird and random experience.

Oh my, we would have loved to actually see the scene. You can watch him narrate the whole scene in his video. For the record, we hate that we missed a Liam Payne and Adam Sandler singing scene.

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