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Trump’s Speech At The UN: A Laughing Stock To The World

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Recently, the US President addressed the UN General Assembly on Tuesday. But Trump’s speech immediately made him a joke in front of the leaders of the world. Interestingly enough, President Trump is now a laughing stock to the entire world. And that directly contradicts what he claimed during his presidential campaign back in 2014. The US President has always boasted his leadership and strategies. And despite all that, Trump has continued to shock the world with his misogyny, racism, and controversial statements. But after hearing Trump’s speech at the UN, it’s a bit too hard to not judge him anymore.

Trump’s Speech At The UN

Trump’s speech at the UN was just another opportunity for him to boast his policies of putting US interests above globalism. But it drew nothing more than laughter, silent, blank stares and head shakes from the audience.

President Trump began his address by saying that he honored the right of every nation to pursue its beliefs and customs. He claimed that the US would never tell any nation how to live, work or worship. But he also said that the country expected all other nations to honor America’s sovereignty in return. Just like every other address of his, Trump’s speech at the UN boasted his accomplishments as the US president. He said that in less than two years, his administration achieved more than any other administration in his country ever did in history. But this remark earned a lot of murmurs and laughter from the crowd, and took Trump by surprise. However, he continued saying that he did not expect this reaction but that was okay. And if possible, this remark cracked up the crowd even more than before. So, a lot more laughter and applause followed.

Trump’s speech which was almost 35 minutes in duration was not just about all this. It also targeted Iran even when Trump kept it low-key. He labelled Iran as a corrupt dictatorship and threatened to launch more sanctions against Tehran. However, Trump’s speech was immediately hit back by the Iranian president who suggested that President Trump has a weakness of intellect. And the way Trump’s speech at the UN confronted multilateralism reflected his inability to understand a complex, interconnected world.

Trump’s speech at the UN also hit his ties with the Korean Kim Jong-un and also criticized China for its trade practices. But most importantly, President Trump’s address was met with a lot of laughter and mockery. In fact, this speech made him more controversial than ever. During his election campaign, Trump himself expressed on Twitter that the country needed a president who was not a laughing stock to the world. And the irony is that Trump’s speech at the UN made him exactly who he claimed the American president should not be.

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