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Game of Thrones Star Kit Harington Still Hasn’t Seen The Finale

Honestly, can we blame him?

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We all know how the finale of Game of Thrones left a bad taste in everyone’s mouths. However, you expect the cast to be more cordial about it. But, it seems like Kit Harington isn’t, so much so that even after a whole year, he still hasn’t seen the finale!

Kit Harington is yet to catch up on Game of Thrones season 8

We often see that actors don’t watch their own art, but you’d expect different for the biggest show of this decade. But, as it turns out, Kit Harington is no different than many of them. He still hasn’t seen the finale of Game of Thrones and the whole of season 8! And it’s been more than a year since it aired on HBO. In a Q&A session with Twitter user @purple_dwagon, Harington said:

By the way, I still haven’t seen the final season.

After that, the Twitter user told her it was “good for him”, but that’s not all. Harington then again asked her if she had watched the Game of Thrones finale again? It’s a pretty standard question, but the way he asked it just made it funnier:

Have you watched it again? Have you done that to yourself?

Apart from the banter, Kit Harington did express one interesting opinion about Jon Snow in the Game of Thrones finale.

Kit Harington believes Jon Snow did not belong on the Iron Throne

Game of Thrones Star Kit Harington Still Hasn't Seen The Finale

A lot of Jon Snow fans believed that he should have been the king to sit on the Iron Throne. There’s no doubt that he would have been an amazing king, but would it have pleased Jon Snow? Kit Harington disagrees, and believes that Jon Snow got the ending he loved in the Game of Thrones finale:

When people say to me ‘oh I wish you had been on the throne’ or ‘I wish you’d been with Dany on the Throne’, I disagree because Jon’s place was always in the North. He’d never have been happy in the South. He’s like Ned Stark. Like, Ned goes south, he’s in danger.

The final season of Game of Thrones was controversial, to say the least. However, Kit Harington does make a valid argument here for Jon Snow. Even though he was the Song of Ice and Fire, he belonged in the north. So, we can say that it might be a slight saving grace of a largely disappointing finale. Here’s one segment from the entire Q&A session:



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