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Birds of Prey Movie Plot holes – Cinema Sins words them

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This year, before the pandemic hit us with full force, we actually got a sweet start. Harley Quinn, the well-known girlfriend to Batman’s Joker, got her own movie. Finally? The Birds of Prey movie was literally The Emancipation of Harley. She is now a single woman but her recent experience does not bring back her old self. Margot Robbie is mighty impressive in the movie as she plays the colored hair kookoo girl.  However, you cannot help but wonder about all the little things in the movie that do not make sense. Cinema Sins words everything wrong with Birds of Prey in their video.

Cinema Sins posts Everything Wrong With Birds of Prey.

If you do not know what Cinema Sins is, they are a YouTube page dedicated to finding and pinpointing flaws in Movies. Their points are usually pretty accurate with only an exaggeration here or there. For their birds of prey review, they do the review in less than 17 minutes. And they surprisingly count over a 100 things wrong with the movie. That… is quite the number! Well, IMDb rates the movie a fair 6.2/10.

Most of the errors include narration inaccuracies. But, there are a few that really get us thinking. For example, why would the police detain Cassandra Cain (Ella Jay Basco), a teenager, in the detaining cells with the biggest criminals of all time? Furthermore, Renee Montaya’s (Rosie Perez) whole swap to the other side of the law is a huge plot hole. Just for the record, we do not understand how the break-up happened either. Last we saw, The Joker bailed Harley Quinn out of detainment in Suicide Squad. And now in Birds of Prey, she is single. The movie was a whole experience in itself. We do advise against going into cinemas around you if they are open. Stay safe from COVID-19 Coronavirus (SARS-CoV2),

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