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Watermelon Sugar Music Video Might be Controversial at This Time

Wait... what?

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These days, life is all about being locked in. The entire world is indoors as we wait for a vaccine to COVID-19 Coronavirus (SARS-CoV2) to get back to our lives. With the world shut down, summer has never been more depressing. Most countries even have curfews! Amidst all of this, Harry Styles HQ releases the music video to his Fine Line track, Watermelon Sugar. And the video that we all love, might be insensitive considered the timing. We all are meant to promote and encourage social distancing and staying indoors at this time. The video, an ode to touching, does quite the opposite.

harry styles watermelon suger ode to touching

Why might the Watermelon Sugar Music Video be controversial at this time?

So, as lush as the start of the video is with Harry Styles sitting at the table singing, we find that to be the most relevant part of the video. It shows isolation. It shows how life is following the WHO Coronavirus prevention health guidelines these days. A man sitting alone and enjoying his watermelon seems perfectly justified. However, then we head to the chorus of the song and the Watermelon Sugar Music Video takes a 180-degree turn. Enter a couple of models who lay on the beach touching one another in the most sensual of ways.

Watermelon Sugar Music Video Controversy

While there is nothing wrong with the video in its essence, it promotes touching as it makes you want to spend the perfect day on the beach. The waves crashing against the shore, a babe on your side, and the works. Celebrities tend to hand a great influence on their followers, fans, and the general public. Thus, it is controversial that Harry Styles releases his Watermelon Sugar with such a theme in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. However, as the directors explain to LLB, they did not break the lockdown for this shoot. The video was shot before lockdown. So, they did not break any rules.

Even Harry himself warned everyone to not try this at home:

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