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Kumail Nanjiani Calls New Zealand ‘Middle Earth’ For How They Handled COVID-19

He's not wrong either.

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It’s safe to say that every one of us is a massive fan of New Zealand. Not only have they handled the COVID-19 lockdown and pandemic amazingly, but they also have the coolest Prime Minister on Earth in Jacinda Ardern. So much so that Kumail Nanjiani calls New Zealand ‘Middle Earth’!

Kumail Nanjiani in impressed by New Zealand

Whenever New Zealand is mentioned in the news, you know it’s going to be something positive. After all, it is home to The Shire and Middle Earth from Lord of the Rings. And that is exactly what Kumail Nanjiani did on Twitter when he said “Meanwhile on Middle Earth…“:

What’s even funnier is that most of the people Nanjiani’s replies joined in with the banter.

It’s a very cute remark by Nanjiani indeed. However, if we look at how New Zealand is dealing with COVID-19, all of us would want to call them Middle Earth. Moreover, some of us would love to run away to the place as well.

What did the Kiwis do right?

Along with South Korea, Vietnam, and Kerala, New Zealand is one of the biggest success stories in this Coronavirus pandemic. They have only 8 active cases in the country! Moreover, news just came that they have no patients in hospitals as of right now. Moreover, they have had 0 cases in the past 5 days now. That is why they have started to ease the lockdown. But, how did New Zealand deal with COVID-19 so well and earn so much praise from Kumail Nanjiani and many others?

It’s simple – Jacinda Ardern’s policy about the lockdown was clear from the start and her lockdown was comprehensive. Everyone in New Zealand was aware of the severity of the disease and the protocols of the lockdown. That made combatting the disease much easier and made the country a success story to revel on. And we feel exactly like Kumail Nanjiani does about them.

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