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Netflix’s Dark Final Season Trailer Talking Points And Release Date

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The streaming service Netflix has finally given us a first-look of, what is, the final season of their original series, Dark. The German-thriller is packed with time-twisting, a mind-bending story about people of Winden whose interconnected fate is somehow linked with the town’s nuclear plant. The series turned out to be quite a hit upon its release as it landed 8.7 on IMDB while a stunning 94% on Rotten Tomatoes. With two seasons currently available on Netflix, we are now looking forward to the third and final season which is possibly going to reveal all the secrets the people of Winden are carrying.

Netflix’s Dark Season 3 Release Date

As has been a tradition in its trailer releases, the final season of Netflix’s Dark will be ready to stream on June 27. Watching the trailer, we know that Jonas, Martha, and Bartosz are going to be key features of the beginning of the last cycle. The trailer reveals: “The end is the beginning, the beginning is the end.” The last we saw was that the old Jonas takes Bartosz, Magnus, and Franziska to an unknown timeline. On the other hand, after Adam kills Martha, the young Jonas meets a ‘dark’ Martha from another dimension who takes him to the place she traveled from. As for Charlotte, Elisabeth, Peter and young Noah are safe inside the bunker.

Two Talking Points!

1) New Antagonists?

In Netflix’s Dark, we see three people standing side to side, all having some sort of cleft-lips. Is this possible that they are the new antagonists as we see them setting fire to Adam’s base? Is it possible that they are the leaders of Sic Mundus in the other dimension from were ‘dark’ Martha came from?

2) Genders Reversed?

It appears that a story similar to the ‘normal’ dimension has been going on in this new dimension. However, the gender roles look reversed,. This is because when Ulrich stones the child Helge, in the new dimension we see a woman doing the same to someone else. The shot is difficult to form any conclusions though.

We only have a few weeks for these questions to Netflix’s Dark.

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