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Ava DuVernay Wants To Make A Documentary About White Privilege

More specifically, the "Karens" of the world.

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White privilege is quite dominant in the entire world, especially in the United States. White men and women in America can literally get away with murder, and it’s because of their white privilege. A similar incident happened in New York City’s Central Park on Monday. A white woman called the police on a black man who asked her to put her dog on a leash in an area of the park where it was illegal to not leash the dog. This inspired Ava Duvernay, the creator of When They See Us, to write a documentary on it!

DuVernay wants to write a 100-part documentary on privileged white women!

On Twitter, a fan asked Ava DuVernay if she would be interested in making a documentary on white women “weaponizing their color and privilege against black people”. As expected, Duvernay showed a lot of interest in this idea. However, she believed that no streaming service would stream such a documentary. She tweeted:

I hear you, sis. But I don’t think any streamer will let me make a 100-part documentary – unfortunately.

It seems like DuVernay also commented on the massive scale of crimes committed by white women on black men. That is why she mentioned that it will be a 100-part documentary. Here is her tweet in full:

Her hard work in Netflix’s “When They See Us” was widely acclaimed by viewers. It showed the discrimination faced by a group of black people over wrong accusations that were rooted in racism and white privilege. However, it is also important to see the incident that inspired Ava DuVernay to work on a documentary about white privilege.

A white woman shows her privilege

On Monday, a video surfaced on Twitter, in which a white woman named Amy Cooper called the police on a black man named Christian Cooper (not related). His only crime – to ask Amy to put a leash on her dog. There were clear signs in that section of Central Parl that allowed no dogs without a leash. Here’s the video:

It’s this incident that made Ava DuVernay interested in making a documentary on the privilege enjoyed by white women. Such documentaries can only help in educating the masses over the racial divide between black and white people, with regards to white privilege, especially in America.

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