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Lil Xan Needs A Better Rebound Than Hot Cheetos

Who knew breaking up with Noah Cyrus would lead to lethal hot cheetos

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The rapper Lil Xan was recently rushed to the hospital on Monday. Considering his recent split with his ex girlfriend, the first thought you might have had would go to either self harm or maybe an overdose. But he probably had a reason for it that would not have crossed anybody’s mind. Lil Xan claims that he was hospitalized for eating too many Hot Cheetos. The rapper recently broke up with his ex girlfriend Noah Cyrus and it seems like he is definitely not taking it well. Looks like Lil Xan needs to come up with a better rebound than Hot Cheetos. At least then, he would not require medical assistance.

Lil Xan Hospitalized For Eating Hot Cheetos

In a latest video uploaded on Instagram, Lil Xan shared with his fans the update on his health. He said that he was in the hospital that day. But clarified that it was not because he was doing any drugs. Lil Xan said that it was probably because he ate too many Hot Cheetos. And that ripped something open in his stomach which made him puke blood. He laughed with it, and said that he was good now. And after that, he took the rest of the video to promote his upcoming tour. In an Instagram post, Lil Xan has also encouraged his followers to be careful when consuming Hot Cheetos. And labelled them as ‘one hell of a drug’.

For some of his fans, Hot Cheetos might not have been that convincing. But apparently, that’s the truth. Previously, Lil Xan has been open about his addictions. He was painfully addicted to Xanax for two years of his life. But one day during a hospital visit, he decided to contemplate on how long could his body survive the drug intake. And that’s how he started to reduce his drug addiction and maintain sobriety. However, with the decision to quit, he also ended up in the hospital.

Now that Lil Xan has been sober, but going through a very messy public breakup  his health certainly worried his fans. Thankfully, he did not get into drugs again but resorted to Hot Cheetos this time. And medical studies have claimed that the popular snack is injurious to health, the rapper learnt his lesson the harder way!

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