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The Office Actor Ed Helms Says Shooting ‘Beach Games’ Episode was Disgusting

It would make you want to puke too.

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Years after its release, The Office is still one of the most-watched shows as fans cannot get over the witty humor and romance shared between the onscreen characters. Alums Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer recall old memories regarding the show through their NBC podcast called Office Ladies. There, they invite various actors from the show who share their favorite memories from the show. Joining the list of actors is Ed Helms, who played the role, Andy Bernard. He shared a memory that may make you want to puke.

The Office’s ‘Beach Day’ wasn’t so fun for Ed Helms

The episode in question is called ‘Beach Day’, which aired at the end of the 3rd season. In it, Michael Scott (Steve Carrell) takes his Dunder Mifflin employees on the beach as a field trip day. The Office crew plays numerous games on the beach. Their intension was to see if Michael leaves for his promotion to the New York office, who will take over his position the boss.

One game that Michael wanted his Office team to play was called hot-dog eating contest. However, the cast doesn’t remember this game very fondly. According to Kate Flannery, this game was “the toughest part of the day”.

Regarding this particular game, Ed Helms recalls the time when during these Beach Game, he got sick to his stomach and the scene became super difficult. Helms says:

I remember eating a lot of hot dogs and throwing them in a bucket.

He further added how the act of chewing food and spitting it out activated his gag reflexes, which made it very upsetting for him. Here, Ed Helms explains why this episode of The Office took a lot of retakes:

The worst part is that the prop folks are walking around with plastic buckets and four people are spitting in it. You spit it out and look at others doing the same. So disgusting.

Nonetheless, this episode is definitely one of the fan favorites given the hilarious games that were a part of it. But, it goes to show how hard the cast of The Office worked to make it special for us.

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