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Chrissy Teigen Tells “Rich” Friends to Stop Asking for PR

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Chrissy Teigen is the queen of clap backs. And she’s back with another one. It seems like everyone wants a piece of Chrissy’s Cravings PR boxes. For anyone who isn’t familiar with PR packages, it’s a way for brands to get their products out to influencers so they could spread the word around. It attracts publicity, especially if a celebrity raves about a product.

So while Chrissy was in the middle of sending out her PR packages and celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner, and Shay Mitchell took to Instagram to show off theirs, some people weren’t too happy. These were the people who hadn’t received a Cravings by Chrissy care package and were blatantly asking for them.

Chrissy Teigen Claps Back Again

Chrissy, as always, wasn’t in the mood and expressed her disappointment in her Instagram story.

“Please don’t ask for a box. My marketing budget is not infinite but my love for you is. Also I see some of u asking and you’re literally rich,” she wrote.

She also added more videos on her Instagram stories, talking about what goes on behind the scenes. She revealed she would often give away or donate PR packages when she’d receive them before. However, now that she’s on the other end of it all, she realizes it’s a lot of hard work. She admitted to having gotten help making them and described them as a ‘labor of love.’ “I will never, ever throw away or not thank somebody profusely for being sent one,” Chrissy said.

Besides that, she made it clear to her friends that although she owns it, she doesn’t have an endless supply of PR boxes. “[That note was] honestly just meant for my friends that are literally writing, saying, ‘Uh mine hasn’t gotten here yet.’ That’s ’cause I didn’t send it to you,” she said. “Just kidding…kind of.”

Chrissy also explained how because of the pandemic deliveries were slow. So although sending out PR packages looks like an easy task, it definitely is not.

And finally, she made a reference to her recent drama with Alison Roman, saying, “Maybe that comes from someone putting it in your head that we’re just a content farm of endless money and just got so big so fast, but I promise we didn’t—as great as it looks.”

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