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Harrison Ford Hands Credit Of His Success To Others

And talks about working with a CGI Dog.

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Harrison Ford has played two of the most iconic big-screen heroes of all time – Han Solo in Star Wars and Indiana Jones. It’s safe to say that none of these two characters would have had the same charisma had Ford not played them. However, Ford is very careful and has a lot of humility over his success. He believes others deserve the credit for his unimaginable success.

Harrison Ford opens up about his success

In an interview with The Irish News, Harrison Ford decided to show us his softer side, filled with humility. When he was asked what he thought of his own success, Ford replied:

Success has been very important to giving me options in my life; I am very grateful for that. I didn’t want to become an actor to become rich and famous, I wanted to become an actor because I wanted to do that job.

Ford further mentions his reason for joining acting, which was to live multiple lives!

I wanted to be able to live different lives, learn about different people and their lives. I wanted to tell stories, powerful stories, and I’ve got, happily, the opportunity to do that because I was part of other people’s success.

Harrison Ford further mentions George Lucas and Steven Spielberg directly as some of the biggest creditors of his success:

“I was part of George Lucas’s success, I was part of Steven Spielberg’s succes. And that allowed me opportunities I never would have had.

This shows the humility Harrison Ford possesses about the success of his career. He doesn’t hesitate in sharing who deserves the credit for his success. However, he should give himself some credit too, especially for Han Solo and Indiana Jones!

He further explains working with a CGI Dog

One of the most interesting features of Call of the Wild was the CGI Dog, Buck. It didn’t receive a positive reception for the audience, but Harrison Ford did share his experience in the interview. Here, he shares his experience with Buck:

It was at first a bit challenging, but then became quite good fun!

The lovable Buck was actually played by motion-capture artist Terry Notary, about whom Ford recalls:

“He’s a former Cirque du Soleil gymnast and he’s able to replicate the movements of the dog! But for me, and the intimate scenes we had together, he served as something to bounce the emotions off of.

As amazing as this experience sounds, the film did not perform well at the Box Office. It lost $50 million because of the Coronavirus pandemic but got an early digital release. So, do check Harrison Ford out in the film!

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