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Season 2 of The Good Doctor Better Fix Our Hearts after That Cliffhanger

Autistic doctor back in the game!

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The most-watched series in America- The Good Doctor has returned back to ABC with season 2. Although this show was rejected by CBS twice before being picked up by ABC, it has been an absolute hit. And even moved past up The Big Bang Theory to become the most-watched show in the country. The season 2 for The Good Doctor premiered on Monday, 24th September in the US. But it had a few bittersweet surprises for fans that we really were not expecting. However, The Good Doctor is back, and probably that’s most important for fans everywhere now!

‘The Good Doctor’ Returns With Season 2

The season 2 for ABC’s hit television series The Good Doctor premiered on Monday. And now that it’s renewed, it’s time to prepare ourselves with uplifting storylines amidst medical anomalies, cutting-edge procedures, and hospital politics. But this television series is as heartwarming and emotional as it could be.

Basically, The Good Doctor is centered on Shaun Murphy played by Freddie Highmore. Shaun is a doctor with autism and savant syndrome and the story of how everyday human interactions become more fraught for him. And this way, the show is a light on the viewer’s own individual perceptions of the world. But this was only the prime theme behind The Good Doctor. With season 2, the show has picked up right where it left. Although, there are a few twists that nobody had imagined. In the season 1 finale, Dr. Jared Kalu played by Chuku Modu was offered an exciting job opportunity at Denver, Colorado. But since he was going behind Andrew’s back in the last particular case, the chances of him losing his offer were real. Thankfully, he did not lose his Denver job.

What Surprises Did Season 2 Bring?

So, what bittersweet surprises did the season 2 premiere for The Good Doctor have for us? As the second season opened up, we bid farewell to Dr. Jared. His final case in which he teamed up with Shaun Murphy put him on thin ice with the hospital president. Apparently, they proposed free treatment for a homeless patient. And by the end of his partnership with Shaun, Dr. Jared was seen defending Shaun’s brain tumor diagnosis.

Although a lot many are questioning how Jared could leave the hospital, his exit scenes and goodbye with his ex-lover was too sentimental. As Claire pleads him to stay, Jared tells her that even when saying goodbyes is hard, it does not mean that they are a mistake. And that they will both be okay, and maybe very happy one day.

Apart from this, there are a lot many cast changes this season which might change the entire dynamics of The Good Doctor. Chuku Modu and Beau Garrett exited the show’s cast, breaking a lot many hearts. But there are many latest additions to the team as well. Paige Spara, Fiona Gubelmann, Will Yun Lee and Christina Chang are now a part of the main ensemble.

Without spoiling the season 2 of The Good Doctor further for you, let’s just say that your favorite show is back in the game!

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