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Here Are More Clues New Tenet Trailer Offers To Audience

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Christopher Nolan’s movie Tenet has come out with a new trailer and we still cannot take our eyes off from the idea that it has something to do with the director’s previous movies Memento and Inception. Like most of Nolan’s movies, Tenet is also turning out to be a mind-bender as per its expectations. The rumors that we were hearing are also becoming apparent with every passing trailer. Let’s see what do we have this time. Ultimately, starring Robert Pattinson and John David Washington, Tenet’s movie is full of action, mystery, and epic sci-fi which one should not miss.

Tenet Trailer Confirms Movie’s July Release

Our opinions about the storyline might be changing. However,  the Tenet trailer has confirmed that its schedule release for July remains instant despite the pandemic. Washington is playing as a military spy and a time engineer. And just Thursday, this trailer first comes out on Epic Game’s Fortnite and then later on YouTube!

Up until now, we know that there is something regarding World War III going on. The word Tenet is like a passcode that can either mean trouble at some point or a safe haven. Now, in one scene we know that Washington’s character knows what it is doing with the reverse time engineering craze. Apparently, in the trailer, the Tenet universe shows that there is a device that can control time in a local area. Watch the trailer below:

Hence, the Tenet trailer confirms that the movie is not about traveling time, rather controlling it to bend it according to how you want. However, we are only getting clues from the trailer. We also know that Robert Pattinson will be heavily involved in all of this as well.

With a release date of July 17, 2020, we are only a few weeks away to find out what Nolan has packed in store for us with this movie. Apart from this, the movie has also teamed up with Fornite, apparently. During Tenet’s trailer premiere in the game, it was also announced that Nolan will be bringing “one of his iconic films” inside the game for a complete screening. Is it possible that Tenet is also releasing in a game, making it Hollywood’s first time ever?

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