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Here’s Why Alyssa Milano Didn’t Report Her Sexual Assault Before

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Last year, actress and activist Alyssa Milano added her share of contributions in popularizing the #MeToo movement. But her efforts for sexual assault victims just did not end there. Now, Alyssa Milano is adding to the latest #WhyIDidntReport movement. And has stepped up to explain what stopped her from sharing her sexual assault case previously. With Milano’s first-person piece out, it is evident that the courage of assault survivors is much stronger than President Trump’s misogyny. And now it’s time to break the silence on sexual assault everywhere.

 Alyssa Milano Shares Sexual Assault Story

Alyssa Milano shared that it took her years to open up about her sexual assault to even her closest friends. In fact, it took almost three decades for the actress to reveal it to her parents. She claimed that she never filed police reports or went to court because she did not think that seeking justice for her pain was even an option.

Alyssa Milano said that for her, opening up about sexual assault was similar to reliving the worst day of her life. And meant that she had to recognize the existence of her attacker when she wanted to forget that he was allowed to walk freely on the planet. She further said that this is the exact fear of every victim. And that telling their stories allowed the public to ridicule them and made them vulnerable to these attacks. Moreover, she said that this happened because getting assaulted was considered their crime. However, Alyssa Milano said that she was not alone. And one in four girls and one in six boys get through the same experience before the turn 18. She added that for survivors, this is the reality. And they continue to live in this fear for most of their lives. But today, they were not going to be silenced.

Milano Addresses Sexual Assault Survivors

As a response to Donald Trump’s tweet, Alyssa Milano decided to speak up about her own sexual assault case. Not just that, but she welcomed other survivors to join her in doing the same. She also encouraged everybody to read stories from across the world of survivors who kept it in themselves for years. Alyssa Milano said that their stories were tragically common. And that is why she insisted that we listen to those who share their related experiences. But most importantly, she advised all sexual assault survivors to honor their stories and their voice. And that too, in their own time. She gave away the message that despite whatever President Trump or anybody says, they are all important. And nobody could take that away from them.

Alyssa Milano concluded her statement by supporting Christine Blasey Ford and demanding justice for her. She also reminded everybody that she was there to be with, and believe in every survivor.

The world surely needs more people like Alyssa Milano.

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