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The Walking Dead Movies Featuring Rick Grimes Contain Twisted Details

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Even though the production of spin-off movies featuring Rick Grimes from ‘The Walking Dead’ still needs to start, we are already getting details about what to expect from them. Thanks to social distancing rules, all movies of AMC’s one of the top the franchise are paused indefinitely. However, the fanbase likes to stir up rumors and this one seems to be catching some kind of heat to it as well. The story goes that the zombie apocalypse portraying movies featuring Rick Grimes adventures is possibly going to show mad scientists scenario. This is apparently leading to twisted human experimentation just so that a cure to the apocalypse could be invented.

The Walking Dead Movies Will Show Forced Human Experimentations!

This news comes from the people at WeGotThisCovered who start their theory from when Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh) saves Rick Grimes’ (Andrew Lincoln) life and flies him on a helicopter. This is the final scene for Lincoln’s role in the televisions series as he departs out of the storyline for the foreseeable future. Grimes might have managed to survive that deadly encounter with the zombie hoard, but he will find himself in the company of a mad scientist. Check this out:

“…these scientists will have a mad side that includes experimenting on unwilling human subjects and being a little bit twisted.”

Now, in the television series, nobody knows the whereabouts of the leader of the pack. In fact, the story goes that it is becoming really late for Grimes to stay away from his newfound family and friends. Now that makes us think whether Rick is held hostage by of these mad scientists for experimentation. Maybe this can explain why is he out of action for so many years?

For the tabloid, their sources sometimes prove to be credible just like when they predicted a new Percy Jackson show in development prior to its announcement. They also rumored that Karen Gillan is under consideration for Pirates of the Caribbean  6. They are now suggesting this twisted storyline detail for The Walking Dead movies. Is this going to become a fact as well?

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