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Is There A Man Standing Behind Jennifer Lopez Selfie Picture?

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Although all she wanted to do was showcase her stunning abs, fans couldn’t help but notice something else in the process as well. As she uploaded a selfie on social media we can see that Jennifer Lopez has been focussing on her workout during the quarantine. Her home gym in Miami has been pretty busy as the On The Floor keeps up her fitness during the lockdown. However, there was something very strange lurking in the background in one of her pictures, something that fans could not take their eyes off. It seemed like a figure of a man hiding in the background, watching JLo. YIKES!

Jennifer Lopez Selfie Shows Sinister Figure?

Although some conspiracy theorists in comments joked around that the Booty singer was actually holding the man hostage, the fact remains that the appearance seems very real. Take a look at Jennifer Lopez’s selfie that she uploaded on Instagram and see if you can find the strange sinister figure in the background:


Just above Lopez’s right shoulder in the first selfie, we can see that there seems to be a shady figure of a man’s face in the background. Zoom in on the picture to find out for sure.

This man appeared to be standing outside her home gym looking into the window. It appears that we can only see his shoulders and his head. Her fans could not ignore this strange occurrence as they took to the comments section to write about their concerns. “Why is there a man in the background with a hand over his mouth?”, one user noticed. If we only zoom in to the maximum, we can notice that this man looks to be bald and has a shaved head. He is also wearing a mask over his face. However, this mask looked more like a hand with sunshine falling on it to make it seem colorless.

Check out the comments that fans are posting.

Do you guys think Jennifer Lopez’s selfie is also showing a man behind watching her from outside the window?

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