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Stephen Colbert Advises Donald Trump To Not Poison Himself With Hydroxychloroquine

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You know the news is getting really crazy when comedy talk show host Stephen Colbert starts begging the President of the United States to not poison himself to death. Recently, Donald Trump admitted that he’s taking the drug Hydroxychloroquine regularly. He believes that it is a wonder drug, just because he got a lot of positive calls about them. So, as any decent human being would do, the host from The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, told the President to not poison himself.

Colbert wants the President to not poison himself, reluctantly

Stephen Colbert Advises Donald Trump To Not Poison Himself With Hydroxychloroquine

On his Late Show from home, Stephen Colbert was shocked at what Donald Trump said in his recent press briefing. The President admitted that he was taking Hydroxychloroquine, which is a supposed wonder drug against COVID-19. Trump said:

I happen to be taking it. I’m taking Hydroxychloroquine. Right now, yeah a couple of weeks ago I started taking it. Because I think it’s good I’ve heard a lot of good stories.

But, Stephen Colbert further says that the President is only taking the drugs because of a few “positive calls”. When a reporter asked Donald Trump what research he has that it is a wonder drug, he said:

Here’s my evidence. I get a lot of positive calls about it.

At first, Colbert jokingly said that:

For the sake of his children, I hope he’s not getting a lot of positive calls about Clorox.

But, since we’re living in the era of Donald Trump, Colbert had to make a formal request to the President to not take Hydroxychloroquine, saying:

Anyway, I’m not a doctor but the newsman says it’s deadly. So, I hope I’m not surprising anyone when I’m saying, “Mr. President, don’t take it”.

I don’t think that it’s absurd to say that the President of any country shouldn’t be taking prescribed drugs that are still not backed by any research to be effective against COVID-19. Hydroxychloroquine is a dangerous drug that shouldn’t be used without a proper prescription, and definitely not on positive calls. So, as much as Stephen Colbert dislikes Donald Trump, no one wants the President of the US to die of poisoning. Here’s the episode:

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