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Sir Richard Branson and Deadpool Partnering Up To Give Gin On Airplanes

Dreams do come true

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Yes, you read that right! The business mogul Sir Richard Branson is partnering up with Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds to give gin on airplanes. It’ll be Ryan’s gin on Branson’s airplanes. This wonderful line was made true today from a hilarious promotional video that blessed Ryan Reynold’s Instagram page. What’s a better platform for marketing than his witty Instagram account that everyone loves?

Reynolds Bought a Gin Producing Company

Ryan Reynolds bought a gin producing company earlier this year known as Aviation Gin. Despite not playing an active role in the business when it comes to producing the gin itself, Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds is more focused on the marketing and distribution side of the business. Though, famous celebrities buying or associating themselves with alcohol-producing companies is nothing new. Perhaps, it’s a rite of passage to legitimize the fame. Or perhaps it’s a hobby for many of the stars that can easily boost up sales of a company by just attaching their faces to their marketing campaigns. It’s obvious they can get a hefty piece of profit doing so.

Aviation Gin Partnering with Virgin Atlantics

Though, now Aviation Gin is partnering – not merging – with Virgin Atlantics to provide the delicious gin to the passengers. The video encapsulates the natural wit and deliberate obliviousness mixed with an aura of confidence of the Deadpool star who evidently knows nothing about business but pretends he does. Ironically enough, it’s this very lack of knowledge that makes us want to buy more gin from anything Ryan Reynolds wants to sell us. Because it’s more authentic. To add the businessman who owns multiple corporate companies and is a walking legend, just adds to the appeal of this partnership.

There’s also a hilarious new name for this new business activity as Aviavirgination. This probably won’t disappoint the fans on its quality because people would be just laughing at how the name is both simultaneously genius and stupid. The world may be going through a really dark time right now. But at least we can count on Ryan Reynolds to save the day with some gin and humor and Sir Richard Branson’s eye rolls and British spirit just making it better.

And yes, it’s still a partnership, not a merger. No matter what Ryan Reynolds chooses to believe in:

Hopefully, he can learn some business tactics and actual jargon from the man who literally owns 400 companies.

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