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Sopranos Star Joseph Gannascoli Brings Food To Healthcare Workers

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We all know that Vito Spatafore from The Sopranos had an appetite for food. But, the actor who played him, Joseph Gannascoli is putting that appetite and talent to good use. He is proving many front line healthcare workers with food amid COVID-19.

Joseph Gannascoli cares for healthcare workers

Recently, Gannascoli’s 104-year-old aunt beat the Coronavirus, which is a really big deal. However, the Sopranos star wasn’t done by simply shaking the hands of the doctors. He made sure that the staff that took so good care of her aunt was well fed as well.

Joseph Gannascoli opened a GoFundMe page, to raise money to feed the front line health workers during the Coronavirus pandemic. So far, he has gathered more than $30,000 and is using all that for this noble cause. While talking to the New York Post, Gannascoli said:

I’m helping the restaurants, hopefully, to survive or at least popping some money into them, and I’m helping all these people. It makes me feel good. I’m just trying to make a difference, something I can teach my daughter.

However, Gannascoli has more reasons to respect healthcare workers than just the fact that they saved his aged aunt. He has family members on the front line battling the pandemic!

He respects healthcare workers a lot

Joseph Gannascoli’s niece is a nurse at the Jacobi hospital, and even contracted COVID-19 and survived. Moreover, his sister-in-law is also in the same profession. However, his generosity isn’t limited to doctors and nurses, but to cops, firefighters, and postal workers too. He said:

This is my way of trying to make a difference. I do it because I can. My wife is a nervous wreck because I’m exposing myself, but I’m cautious. I wear my mask.

It’s amazing what Joseph Gannascoli and many other stars are doing for front line workers. But, as insane as it is, many of us might be wondering if “Johnny Cakes” are on the menu, right? Sadly, that wasn’t the case. Gannascoli told the news outlet with a wink that it isn’t on the menu. And I’m sure Vito Spatafore would be very sad to hear that.

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