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Can Brie Larson Save the Avengers?

Here’s why Brie Larson is the perfect choice for Captain Marvel

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Brie Larson, a popular Academy Award-winning actor is soon to star as Carol Danvers or simply ‘Captain Marvel’ in the movie of the same namesake slated for release on 8th March 2019. There have been favorable to dubious reactions over Larson stepping into the shoes of what is to be Marvel’s first female superhero led film.

On a very sincere note, it is to be noted that being a Marvel superhero is not about nailing the look as you don a flight suit. I mean it is partially that, but overall is about doing a lot-lot more. Marvel so far has remained quite tight-lipped about its ambitious project, but things are starting to change as Marvel has started to dawn upon what its upcoming line-up of films will be like.

Any Physical Limitations?

As far as the physical persona is concerned, fans have reacted with reservations of Larson being way too ‘young’. Which she indeed is. But isn’t young blood required for MCU’s first female-centric film? In fact, it cannot be ignored either that Chris Hemsworth was only 26 when he became Thor. And, to be frank we cannot dissociate Thor from Hemsworth no matter how much we want to. He exactly lived the character to perfection. Larson has the physique and credentials of a superhero and her glimpses as Captain Marvel advocate for the fact that when the creators would have crafted Marvel’s silhouette they probably had Larson in mind.

What Her Co-stars Have to Say

Possible Captain Marvel villain and Ben Mendelsohn spoke about why Brie Larson is perfect for the role, saying: “Brie is absolutely perfect for that role. Why? Because she’s a strong, yet sensitive, contemporary female. She is a champion, she’s a fantastic actress, and she’s a great human. So you can’t ask for better for Captain Marvel.”

When a Woman Rises, Heads Turn

Secondly, groaning about a woman as she lands a lead role in a male-oriented franchise is something Hollywood has seen before. Eyebrows were raised when Gal Gadot was booked to play Wonder Women. Yet, she shut all open mouths with her utterly charismatic and enthralling performance in the movie.

Oscar Performances in Previous Roles

For the uninitiated, the tour de force shows Larson turned in with Room and Short Term 12, alone put the movie below Larson’s franchise. Larson is an artist, she experiments and she succeeds in everyone. She has also given hilarious performances in slapsticks like 21 Jump Street and Scott Pilgrim VS the World, as well as the TV series United States of Tara. She is versatile, an absolute grace who very eloquently molds the aura around her to be hers. Her theatrics bars splendid, she is in summary magnificent.

Additionally, Larson was quite keen on doing this movie. She has repeatedly expressed her excitement and enthusiasm over essaying the part through various social media portals, additionally, her co-stars have also remarked positively over how Larson is pushing herself into a lead’s shoes.

Larson is a prodigy of female power, she will be a vital part of the MCU universe and she is who will look up to as a source of inspiration. Carol Danvers is not someone we can depart from Larson. She is too notoriously steadfast, highly competitive and terrifyingly independent. She believes what she believes and has no problem fighting for her beliefs with an iron will, hence her role in the limited event comic series Civil War II.

Criticism of Larson’s selection sweeps low enough at times where people start complaining that she does not smile enough. There will be various moods until the movie releases, and hopefully, with its release, Larson will shut all mouths with her craft and skills.

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