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Will Ferrell And Rachel McAdam Star In Netflix Eurovision Teaser

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Movie stars Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams are coming soon to the biggest streaming station, Netflix to spark up some comedy. ‘Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga’ is coming to the streaming platform at the end of June and it shows all the silliness we can expect from the two. McAdams and Ferrell will play the role of Lars and Sigrit, an Icelandic pop duo called Fire Saga. They will come against serious competitions in the comedy movie, which also includes Dan Steven’s Russian singer Alexander Lemtov.

Will Ferrell Stars Wanted To Make This Movie Happen

The movie Eurovision Song Contest is based on the real-life singing competition that puts singers facing each other in battles that last a couple of nights. Interestingly this is the place where the Titanic theme song singer Celine Dion erupted as well when she represented Switzerland in 1988. ABBA is another example, who represented Sweden back in 1974. For Will Ferrell, he first saw the show back in 1998 with his Swedish wife Viveca Paulin. Here is what he has to say about the competition:

“It was just like, ‘Wait, what is going on? This is insanity. This is the craziest, most fun thing I’ve ever seen.'”

It was almost four years ago when the star decided that this film needed to happen. As a result, he co-wrote the screenplay and then lured Wedding Crashers director David Dobkin into the new musical movie. Dobkin was surprised when he learned about the Eurovision competition:

“It’s so crazy that there is something this big in the world like Eurovision that, basically, America has never heard of. It’s bigger than the Super Bowl, 180 million viewers, a full-on rock concert and TV show. There’s nothing else really like it.”

The movie has recently released a trailer of what to expect from the two main stars, Ferrell and McAdams. Take a look below:

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