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Hollywood’s Ugliest Catfights Over The Years

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Against a backdrop of lucrative pays, and soaring popularity; celebrities often go ahead to misuse their starry status. Regular tantrums, rifts, and tales of narcissism are no alien to Hollywood. Let’s take a look at Hollywood’s ugliest catfights over the years.

Bette Davis and Joan Crawford

Bette Davis and Joan Crawford essayed sisters in the movie, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane. The actresses openly detested each other, and were disgusted by each other’s presence. However, their professionalism kept them from behaving indecently at the time of the shoot. The film became a phenomenal success for Hollywood and Bette Davis was even nominated for an Academy Award for her role. Joan Crawford bitterness for David had grown so much that she went to all the other contesting nominees to ask them if she could accept the award on behalf of them in case of their unavailability.

Their feud dates back to the 1940s when they repeatedly fell for the same men and romantic insecurities prevailed; severing ties between the ladies. Bette Davis would often be the first one to create a ruckus and Crawford would avenge her by doing something meaner. They would publicly scorn each other’s careers, personal life, mannerisms, and even families. Despite their differences, the women continued to work together until their very last years for the sake of cash on the fame, their controversy brought. An anthology series ’Feud’ was based upon their controversy.

Debbie Reynolds and Elizabeth Taylor

Debbie Reynolds’s husband Eddie Fisher mingled with Elizabeth Taylor in an extramarital affair. Elizabeth had lost her husband in a plane crash which caused her an immense amount of trauma and depression. She was in need of love, warmth, and compassion and Eddie Fisher offered everything she needed. He came in support of her, wiping her tears with his handkerchief and providing her solace and attention.

While Debbie Reynolds acted naturally in this situation, the more provoked Elizabeth Taylor tried to put Reynolds down. She criticized Debbie and Eddie’s relation to being an unhappy one. She tried to malign Reynolds image as a homemaker who could not quench her husband’s sensual thirst. The actresses; however, buried the hatchet as they both realized that Fisher was to blame in this situation. He swayed away from a stable relationship and exploited his friendship with Taylor to gain sexual favors.

Jenny McCarthy and Amanda Peet

Vaccines are undoubtedly a global dilemma, many celebrities have articulated their cases against or in favor of them. But, all was in good public interest, and talks dawned upon intellectual scientific ethics. However, one debate erupted into a dramatic fiasco. According to Fox News, Jenny McCarthy is fiercely against vaccines, as she has a son with autism and she’s staunch in her belief that it was caused by vaccines. She openly argued with a take against vaccines.

Her opinion was; however, not well received. Amanda Peet, of The Whole Nine Yards fame, fired back at McCarthy by calling her a parasite publically. Peet is the spokeswoman for Every Child By Two, which encourages mothers to have their children fully vaccinated as soon as they get two years old. McCarthy was quick to reply She has a lot of nerve to come forward and be on that side.” Peet’s remarks inevitably stirred a controversy; in response, she apologized for using the term “parasites”, but remained firm on her position on the value and security of vaccinations.

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift

A great deal of ‘man-stealing’ characterizes typical Hollywood feuds. Perry and Swift’s case was no different. They dated the same people at different times, but perhaps John Mayer remains to be the key factor behind the severing of ties. The actresses satirically scorned each other without quoting any names and often took on social media to demonstrate their dislike for each other. They started off as BFFs but eventually departed as their friendship turned sour. Swift in her hit song Bad Blood mocked a friendship that had gone bad, leaving sly indications that it was Perry.

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