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Rose McGowan Slams New York Times Reporter For Misleading Her

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In a recent tweet, actress-turned activist Rose McGowan slams New York Times reporter Ben Smith. She accuses the reporter of approaching her for her comments under false pretense about the reporter Ronan Farrow. Here’s what she tweeted.

Rose McGowan tweets against the New York Times

In a recent tweet, Rose McGowan tweeted screenshots of her conversation with Ben Smith, a reporter from the New York Times. She tweeted:

@Benyt of @nytimes You came to me and other survivors under false pretenses. Shame on you, sir, SHAME ON YOU. #RonanFarrow
He initially told her that he was “working on a piece about some of the media coverage of metoo,” and wanted her comment on it. However, Rose McGowan replied that the New York Times’ coverage of #MeToo was also a part of the problem too and that Smith should know more about the “subject matter”. Furthermore, Ben Smith replied to McGowan that he wanted to write a piece on Ronan Farrow:

I do know the subject matter; the story is actually turned into something a bit more about Ronan’s reporting; I’d love your view on this (which I think is very positive?) if you have a moment?

However, after hearing this McGowan slammed him with this response:

The narrative the media companies controlled by men, were made almost hysterical in their coverage. They sent women journalists to talk to female survivors, the women journalists are in a tough position. They usually double down on misogynistic coverage of said survivors to prove to their male bosses that they aren’t going easy on the interviewees just because they share a gender.

Here is Rose McGowan’s tweet with the relevant screenshots of her conversation with Ben Smith:

Once the conversation was over on Wednesday, Ben Smith’s piece was published in the New York Times. And it was titled “Is Ronan Farrow Too Good to Be True?” questioning the Pulitzer winning journalist whose work played an important role at the beginning of the #MeToo movement. However, this wasn’t Rose McGowan’s first row against the New York Times.

This isn’t her first row with the New York Times

Rose McGowan constantly battles the media and their negative role in telling the story of victims and survivors. For instance, she previously called out Buzzfeed’s shameful reporting of Tara Reade. However, her feud with the New York Times is an old one. Back in 2019, she slammed the NY Times, claiming that she was the first one to speak out on #MeToo movement:

I’ve been called one of the first to speak out. No. I was the first, called The New York Times, blew it wide open, not them. They won the Pulitzer and I’m the one hard-up for money. It’s disgusting. I was kind of grossed out by how much they enjoyed being lauded.

With sensitive cases such as the #MeToo movement, it is important for the media to be considerate of the survivors. This is because they are already living through a lot of trauma, and being gentle should have more importance than pleasing male bosses. However, to change that there needs to be a lot of structural changes in media houses, that would root out patriarchal influences. Therefore, Rose McGowan’s voice matters in this fight against the patriarchy.

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