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Jeffree Star Receives Backlash For New Makeup Line

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And on today’s episode of Which Celebrity Managed To Hand Himself In Hot Trouble. It’s none other than the makeup mogul and YouTuber, Jeffree Star!

Jeffree Star isn’t a stranger to scandals and controversies. And of course, in these troubled times when everyone is subjected to widespread panic and fear, they needed someone to blame for something, anything.

And thus entered Jeffree Star with his new makeup line. The backlash he then proceeded to receive was because of the name he chose for his line. He called it “Cremated.” This showed just how powerful one word can be as a lot of people were triggered by what he chose to name his new makeup line.

The reason he received the backlash was because people thought it was tone deaf to pick a death related name for his line. Especially when the entire world is affected by a pandemic that is taking lives left and right. It seems insensitive to remind people of deaths and darkness in times that are already pretty dark.

Trendmood, who shared an early sneak peek of the collection on Instagram, received a comment that said, “This seems kinda tacky considering the rise of deaths around the world related to the pandemic. Don’t come for me!”

Another user commented, “Whoa. This theme doesn’t seem like very good timing..” One more chimed in saying, “All things considered… The name of this palette is tone deaf.”

Soon after, comments from user expressing their disappointment started pouring in on Jeffree’s accounts.


Fans Jump To Jeffree’s Defense

Amidst the backlash Jeffree was receiving, some fans managed to point out that this wasn’t deliberate. Jeffree had in fact trade marked the “Cremated” back in September of 2019. However, people also pointed out that this launch could’ve been postponed till a better time. Right now, the name just seems tone deaf and insensitive.


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