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Kourtney Kardashian’s Pregnancy Rumors: Is It True?

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Kourtney Kardashian is now pretty much used to dealing with cyber bullies. From having hateful comments on her Instagram pictures to being talked about on Twitter. Kourtney has been through it all.

And although people haven’t stopped speculating about her or her family. Kourtney has learned to give them a shut up call, in the iconic Kardashian-Jenner way.

So when pregnancy rumors were flying about again, Kourtney didn’t let anything stop her this time either. Upon posting a sultry photo, comments flooded in on how she “looked pregnant.” Users thought she had a baby bump and claimed she was now pregnant with her fourth child. Of course, it didn’t take long for the POOSH Founder to give these people a piece of her mind.

“This is me when I have a few extra pounds on, and I actually love it. I have given birth three amazing times and this is the shape of my body,” Kourtney shot back.

Is This The First Time Rumours Of Kourtney Expecting Have Come Up?

Rumors about Kourtney Kardashian being pregnant with her fourth child have been flying around for quite some time now. Back in April, Kourtney took to Instagram to post a picture where her midriff was visible. People started commenting how she looked pregnant. That time she didn’t take it negatively and replied with a positive message. She revealed she wanted to be pregnant and maybe this comment will speak it into existence.

However, it seems like Kourtney Kardashian has now had enough of speculation about her body. Every time she posts a picture, people start pointing at her belly and telling her she looks pregnant. How would anyone feel if that happened to them on the regular?

We’re glad the mother of three is standing up for herself. When she has a baby, she’ll let the world know. Until then, people need to stop talking about her body and just appreciate the beauty she is!

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