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Tekashi 6ix9ine Feud With Snoop Dogg Is Picking Up Pace

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The rapper feud between Tekashi 6ix9ine and Snoop Dogg has started to gain pace as the former accuse the latter of snitching on Death Row co-founder Suge Knight. Meanwhile, in a reply to Tekashi, Dogg not only calls him a b***h but also tells him to back off. Dogg has been lately criticizing the media for hyping Tekashi’s early release from jail, making it seem positive. In a reply to Dogg, Tekashi (whose real name is Daniel Hernandez) asked fans if he should reveal the rappers who snitched on his friends. Tekashi then eventually ‘implied’ that it was the Sweat singer, Dogg.

Tekashi 6ix9ine Tells Dogg Is In Denial

Tekashi was speaking to his fans through his Instagram story, however, when The Shade Room account shared the screenshot on their account, the rapper tagged Snoop Dogg in the comments under the post and asked him to have a chat. He then posted another comment to state:

“Ur in denial the paper work is online and suge knight speaks on it from prison but we choose to ignore who we want to call rats. [sic]”

This went under Dogg’s skin, we would believe. We might have missed it, but Complex reports that the veteran rapper posted a video message on Instagram which he deleted later, replying to Tekashi. In his video, he told him to f*** off!


“Last time you said something, I ain’t have time. But today, I got time… You better get the f*** off my line, n***a. Rat boy, you really better leave me alone. I ain’t the one. No way … Go on and do yo’ shit and get out my way, b***h.”

Dogg’s rant continued much further, turning grimmer in each sentence. The made-up slurs and insults were perhaps not enough to ignite Tekashi, however. Because keeping his cool he analyzed Dogg’s reply and responded that he still did not deny the existence of “paperwork”. This paperwork suggests that Dogg had to cooperate with the police in exchange for his benefit. For now, we have yet to see a reply from the great Snoop Dogg.

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