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Are Matt Smith and Lily James Dating Again During Quarantine?

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Even during the coronavirus lockdown, we know that love is finding its way. This is also the case for Matt Smith and Lily James who are quite possibly rekindling their long relationship. The two broke off a few months ago after staying together for nearly five years. The Doctor Who actor, 27, and the Downtown Abbey celebrity, 31 decided to quit back in December 2019. However, the latest reports are suggesting that they probably have put their differences aside to continue living together, eventually growing closer again. Perhaps some good has come out for the two celebrities after all?

Matt Smith And Lily Singh Patch Up Because Of Free Time?

According to what The Sun writes, Matt Smith and Lily James break up was “mostly because of their hectic schedules”. However, thanks to the coronavirus lockdown, the two have found time to spend with each other now. Let’s look at what the UK tabloid wrote:

“They kept the house together when they split because they were both barely around. But when lockdown began, they ended up isolating together. Being in the house and having no work and distractions has allowed them to reconnect and get back to a good place. There is such an amazing chemistry between them and they make a wonderful couple.”

The source adds strength to their news by telling that Matt and Lily’s friends are also happy with their reignited love. That is because this is what they wanted them to have. Their friends noticed that that the two would be the happiest when they were together and it was unfortunate that they had to break up because of busy schedules.

It was in March when Matt Smith was seen with Lily James, which is when the rumors of their romance started. However, during this, there were also reports that Matt Smith was involved with friend Claire Foy, which kind of sank the James ship.

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